This page is here by popular demand.  We have had several requests to show our broodmares on-line.  This will help you see what our foals are coming out of.  Unless otherwise noted, our mares are not for sale.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for looking at our horses and please enjoy!


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Win Over Hancock
2004 Buckskin Mare
AQHA # 4,540,275


Peaches is a big boned, heavily muscled mare by Lucky Glo Hancock and a grand daughter of Hi Till Midnight.  She was used on cattle, gathering, branding and roping.  She stands 15.3 hands and weighs around 1400 lbs.  Peaches passes on her size, mind, athletic ability and great disposition.  This is a using horse and her foals will excel in rodeo and ranch work, possessing great stamina and strength.

Buckaroo Harlex Chex
2007 AQHA Bay Mare
AQHA # 5,076,484

This mare is a beauty!  She stands 15.3 hands, big muscle and great disposition.  Her dam is Gold Fingers/Jackie Bee/Do Do Chick bred.  Her pedigree boasts some of the top 10 AQHA cow horses in American history.  Crossed with Buckaroo Playboy, her dam produced a big boned, correct filly.  She has been started under saddle and is thoughtful and attentive.  She clearly thinks her way through her lessons.    Unfortunately Harley obtained a cut on her front heel and slightly limps so has been added to the broodmare band. 


Lexi Chex Bee A Lady

Chex Bee A Lady
1997 AQHA Gray Mare
AQHA #3,569,565

Lexi has came to us in the spring of 2010.  She is a drop dead beautiful mare with the bloodlines the Flying H Ranch specializes in. She is a granddaughter of Jackie Bee and great granddaughter of Diamond Tender & Doc Tom Tucker.   Bueno Chex is the third generation back.  She is broke to ride and has been shown in halter, gymkhana, 4-H and more.  She is very gentle and kind and anyone can ride her.  She is the dam of Tee J Roses N Ice, Midnight Oblivion and Bueno Bee Leo.  We are so very happy to have her.

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DW Adelina Sonoita 2007Wendy & TJ Turbo Chex 2008Wendy & Midnight Ovation 2010

DW Adelina Sonoita
2000 AQHA Sorrel Mare
AQHA #,3918,125

Wendy is a big mare with more of of our favorite bloodlines.  She is Jackie Bee/Peppy San Badger on the top and Dick Sonoita and Sooner Chick on the bottom.  Speed and cow along with conformation all in one package.  She was injured as a young horse, so was not broke to ride, but she is producing some beautiful foals.  She is the dam of  TJ Turbo Chex, Midnight Ovation, I Bee The Spice of Ice and Bueno Bee Chic.  Wendy is no longer with us.

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Flash Barry 2010

More pictures to come. 

Flash Barry
1990 AQHA Jet Black Mare
AQHA #2,914,708

Flash is a granddaughter of  Dash For Cash, great granddaughter of Easy Jet and carries lots more speed in her pedigree like Moon Deck, Three Bars and more greats.  She is a true black.  She is the dam of "Maggie", 2010 Bay filly by Tee J Iceman.  Sadly she has passed on.

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Midnight Seduction
 2007 AQHA  Black/Brown Mare
AQHA # 5,008,266

Sugar is a daughter of High  Till Midnight and out of a foundation bred Peppy San Badger/Leo mare.  Sugar has a very laid back personality but is a great athlete.  In 2015 we will be expecting her first foal by Buckaroo Playboy.


Lea & 2009 filly by Amigos Cody Bar

Lea Bar Reed
2004 Black/Brown Mare
AQHA # 5,032,650

Lea is the product of Tivio Leo Reed and Charcoal Bud Bar.  She is a phenomenally well built mare and a great mother.  She typifies what Flying H Ranch produces.  She stands 15.3 hands and weighs in around 1250 lbs.  She has produced two outstanding foals by Cody's Amigo Bar.  They both carry her size and quiet disposition. 

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Leos Easter Star
2004 Bay Mare
AQHA # 4,973,593

Bunny is another fine mare by Tivio Leo Reed and out of a PRCA rope horse mare we purchased in 2002.  She is foundation bred and typifies the working quarter horse.  She is extremely quick and light and has a lot of cow in her.  We have used her on the ranch working and gathering cattle.  She is very talented.  She has now joined the broodmare band. 

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Smoky Norma Jean 2004
Smoky Norma Jean 2004Norma Jean 2004Norma Jean 2004Norma Jean & Freckles Chex KidNorma Jean & Playgirl PeachNorma Jean & Bailey 2010

Smoky Norma Jean
1994 Sorrel Mare
AQHA # 3,326,686

Norma Jean is an oustandingly bred mare, trained in reining.  She is as quick as lightning and very catty.  Her foals have sold quickly and they possess her speed and agility.  Her three generation pedigree includes Freckles Playboy, Doc Bar, Mr Gun Smoke & Hol E Smoke. 

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Teddys Black Pearl
2007 Black  Mare
AQHA # 5,116,200
APHA # 943,534

Pearl is by Ima Splash N Teddy and out of Charcoal Bud Bar.  She is the last of our Teddy foals that we own.  She has now joined our broodmare band.  Pearl is double registered AQHA/APHA and her foals are eligible for double registry when bred to an AQHA sire.  She stands 16 Hands and is heavily muscled.  She has her sire's balance and beautiful show gaits.


Tivio Diamond Bar
2009 Black Tobiano Mare
APHA # 971,467

Diamond is by Amigos Cody Bar and out of Lea Bar Reed.  She stands 15.3 hands and weighs around 1,300 lbs.  She is very kind and easy going.  We just started her last year but went ahead and bred her.  Her sire is a money producing sire, by Sonnys Amigo Bar, APHA World Champion, ROM Heading, points in Heeling & Steer Stopping.   Diamond is a very athletic mare with big bone, muscle, feet and heart!

Suzi 2006Suzi & Buckaroo Harley Chex 2007

TP Crooked Wendy
2001 Sorrel Mare
AQHA # 4,172,024

Suzi is another good cross of  Duane Walker's bloodlines and speed horses.  Her three generation pedigree boasts Hall of Famer, Jackie Bee, Gold Fingers, Do Do Chick and Lemac.  She stands 16 hands and is solidly built.  She is a real sweetheart but was not broke to ride.  She would make an outstanding riding horse and we are experiencing her talent in her foals.  If you want to feel like you have "horse" under you, this mare produces it. 

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Jackie 2006Jackie & Chardonnay Cowboy 2007Jackie & 2010 Palomino Filly

Tee J Diamond Jackie
2000 Sorrel Mare
AQHA # 3,942,889

Jackie came to us from Kansas in 2004. She was bred by Jackie Bee's owner, Duane Walker.   She is a BIG mare and has produced some awesome babies.  These horses are bred to do a hard days work, but still look good.  Her foals are very big and have her friendly, inquisitive nature. 

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Lacy Darlin

Lacy Darlin
1986 AQHA Gray Mare
AQHA # 2,453,380

Lacy is a retired ranch and rope horse that we purchased in Kansas several years ago.  Her bloodlines include Jackie Bee Bar Caro, Hancock, Leo and Poco Bueno.  She has produced some extremely athletic foals that are now working cattle and doing ranch work among other things.  She is the dam of Lucky Extreme, Jackie Blue Lace & Leos April Darlin. 

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Charcoal 2007Charcoal 2007Charcoal Bud Bar 2007

Charcoal Bud Bar
1988 Brown/Black Mare
AQHA #2,714,750

Charcoal has been one of our best producing mares.  She is 15.2 hands and 1250 lbs.  She has large feet and bone and a sweet dispostion.  She was broke to ride when we purchased her, but I put her into the broodmare band immediately.  She is the dam of: Lea Bar Reed, Midnight Exhibition, Buckaroo Sioux, Teddys Black Pearl & Tee J Ice Dream.  She has consistently produced color, big bone, size and great attitude. 


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