Below are some of the horses we offer for sale.  We strive to raise and train quality Paint & Quarter Horses that are sound, correct and cowy.  Our horses boast many of AQHA's top ten ranch horse bloodlines* so we may continue to promote the working Quarter Horse breed.  

All of our horses have big bone and feet.   We only breed big boned, athletic horses with superior conformation, that will stand up to days and days of hard work, while still having gentle minds and attutude. 

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1997 Sorrel Mare
Freckles Friar Tuck

Nice riding mare with excellent bloodlines.  Bell is very, very well trained.  Almost anyone can ride her.  She is quiet and easy going, ties, hauls, clips, bathes and more.  She has been around the block.  Not spooky or goosey.  Has been worked around cattle and on trails.  She is very light in the bridle and is responsive to leg pressure.   Excellent bloodlines with Peppy San Badger, Doc Tom Tucker and Jewels Leo Bars right on her papers.  Great riding horse/companion.

Thank you Theresa!!

2013 Bay Colt
Sting N Playboy (Sting)

 by Tivio Leo Reed

Beautiful, fine colt out of Smoky Norma Jean.  Cutting/reining prospect with a lot of cow blood.  Dam is Doc Bar, Mr. Gunsmoke, Hol E Smoke, Freckles Playboy on her papers.  Sting is a dark blood bay and is gorgeous.  We would love to see him go to a show home!

Thank you Amanda!!


2013 Bay Filly
Diamond Leo Jackie

 by Tivio Leo Reed

What a BIG girl.  This filly is a tank and very gentle.  Has learned quickly and will mature into a great all around horse.  Dam is Tee J Diamond Jackie.  She just went to her new home.

Thank you Cathy in Oakdale!!!

Thank you Cathy!!

2013 Sorrel Colt
Bueno Bee Chic

 by Tivio Leo Reed

Bently hit the ground as a tank with fast wheels!!  He showed off for clients on day three and impressed everyone.  Extremely catty and athletic.  He has con to his new home.

Thanks Danielle!!!


2013 Palomino Colt
Leo Bee Gold

 by Tivio Leo Reed

Nice big muscled palomino colt out of TP Crooked Wendy.  He is halter broke and pretty easy going.  Will make a nice ranch or working horse.  Dam's bloodlines include Jackie Bee, Leo, Do Do Chick and Gold Fingers.

Thank you Ashley!!

2013 Bay Colt
Tivio San Gold

 by Tivio Leo Reed

Thank you Amanda W.!!

This is a big colt with lots of bone and size.  He is very friendly and loves being around people.  Bloodlines inclulde Mr San Peppy, Doc Bar, Poco Tivio, Hollywood Gold and Driftwood on his dam's side.

2013 Gray Palomino Colt
Bueno Bee Leo

 by Tivio Leo Reed

Born a palomino, but turning gray.  Bueno is a willing and gentle colt.  Very correct and pretty. 


Not available at this time.


2012 Red Dun Filly
I Bee The Spice of Ice (Spice)

 by Tee J Iceman

What a keen girl this is!!!  Baby doll head, red dun with lots of dun factor!  Dorsal stripe, leg barring and mask.  She is big boned and correct.  Very gentle and easy to be around.  Dam is DW Adelina Sonoita.


2012 Bay Colt
Twisted Buckaroo (Twister)

 by Buckaroo Playboy

Here is another very classy, athletic colt.  Super friendly and loves attention. Will make a great cutting or reining horse.  Out of Smoky Norma Jean.

Thank you Clarence!!

2012 Bay Colt
Midnight Oblivion (Obie)
 by Midnight Exhibition
This colt is big and beautiful.  Would be a great rope or barrel prospect and will mature around 16 hands.  He is very gentle and loves to be around people.  Halter broke, been tied and hauled.  He will have lots of speed most likely to mature at 16 hands.  He is ready to start. Out of Chex Bee a Lady.

Thank you Amanda W.!!

2012 Black Colt
Midnight Fixation (Shorty)

 by Midnight Exhibition

Shorty is a sweet little guy, but he won't be little for long.  He should be a great all around horse with speed and agility.  Out of Flash Barry.

Thank you!!



2012 Dunalino Filly
TJ Diamonds N Ice (Paris)
 by Tee J Iceman

Paris is a pocket horse.  Loves attention and won't leave you alone.  She will be another big girl maturing around 16 hands.  Lots of bone and muscle.  Out of Tee J Diamond Jackie.

2011 Black Colt
Midnight Indescretion (Indy)

 by Midnight Exhibition

Big, black and beautiful!  This colt has a lot of hip and bone. Dam is Tee J Diamond Jackie.  He will be 16 plus hands and very athletic weighing in at around 1300 + Lbs.  Halter broken, ties and hauls.  Good barrel, rope prospect.  Ready to be started.

Thank you Josh!!

2011 Golden Palomino Filly

 by Tee J Iceman

Thank you Seronica!!!



2011 Gray Palomino Colt
TJ Bee Good (Squirt)

 by Tee J Iceman

Squirt is out of Lacy Darlin, a Jackie Bee retired rope/ranch horse.  This one is super friendly and gentle.  Should mature around 15.2 hands with big muscle and good bone.  Just starting training now.

2011 Dunalino Colt
Cassinova Cowboy (Cass)

 by Chardonnay Cowboy

Fancy big dunalino colt, grandson of Tee J Iceman.  Cass will be a great working horse with excellent conformation, good feet and bone.  In training now!!!


2011 Dunalino Filly
TJ Peppy Chick (Chicky)

by Tee J Iceman

Iceman has done it again!  Chicky is the spitting image of her father.   She has the standard dorsal stripe and other dun factors.  Her dam (DW Adelina Sonoita) is Jackie Bee and Peppy San Badger bred close up. Another great working horse!


Buckaroo Harley Chex (Harley)
2007 AQHA Bay Filly by Buckaroo Playboy
Jackie Bee, Gold Fingers, Freckles Playboy, Bueno Chex bred

This filly is a beauty!  She stands 15.3 hands and very kind.  Her dam is Gold Fingers/Jackie Bee/Do Do Chick bred.  Her pedigree boasts some of the top 10 AQHA cow horses in American history.  Crossed with Buckaroo Playboy, her dam produced a big boned, correct filly.  She has been started under saddle and is thoughtful and attentive.  She clearly thinks her way through her lessons.    Unfortunately Harley obtained a cut on her front heel and slightly limps.  She should be sold as a broodmare but certainly could be ridden lightly.

2008 AQHA Sorrel  Colt
TJ Freckle Chex (Target)

by Buckaroo Playboy

This colt has his sweet attitude and huge size. He has a blaze face with a perfectly round spot in the middle (target).  He will make another good sized, big boned rope and ranch horse.  As of summer 2012 he stands close to 16 hands.  He is naturally drawn to people and is very gentle.  His dam is linebred Jackie Bee and Goldfingers. 


2008 AQHA Sorrel  Filly
TJ Turbo Chex (Turbo)

by Buckaroo Playboy

This is a beautiful sorrel filly with chrome and speed.  Her bloodlines include AQHA Champions and Hall of Famer's like Jackie Bee, Peppy San Badger, Dick Sonoita, Bueno Chex, Cal Bar and Freckles Playboy. 15.2 Hands and good muscle. Started under saddle. Has had 30 days training.  Turbo has a great stop and is very gentle.  Ready for someone to take her on with her training.

2009 AQHA Sorrel Filly
by T J Freckle Bee
Janie Gold Bee (Janie)


Nice big muscled and pretty mare.   Janie is big boned and correct.   Her dam is TP Crooked Wendy (see her on the Mares Page) who is an extremely athletic mare with conformation to match.  Halter broken and loves her trailer rides.  Needs to be started.


2009 AQHA Bay Dun Filly -Possibly Buckskin too!
by TJ Iceman
Tee J Ice Dream, (Caramel)

Carmel is a big, stout and kind filly.  She is fluid in her movement and light in the snaffle.  She is extremely kind and willing to please.  She has had about 15 rides on her now.  She carries her sire's dun markings (leg barring, dorsal stripe, etc) along with white frosting in her mane and tail.  She stands at 15.2 hands now and very well muscled and correct.  Would be a good rope horse prospect, or whatever!  Very mellow and can be a bit lazy.  She is very happy to work. A real gem.


2009 AQHA Palomino (gray) Filly
Tivio Leo Reed
Leos April Darlin (April)

Very pretty and correct, this mare has been started right.  She is very balanced and eager to learn.  She has fluid movement and is very light in the snaffle.  Ready for someone to take her on with her training .  She has been hauled and tied, good with her feet.

2010 AQHA Palomino Filly
Tee J Iceman
Tee J Diamond Gold (Goldie)

Here is a big, beautiful filly by Tee J Iceman and out of Tee J Diamond Jackie (a linebred Jackie Bee mare bred by Duane Walker's ranch in Kansas.  This fillyl is intensely bred Jackie Bee with Gold Fingers and Diamond Tender up close. She is very friendly and in your pocket already. 15.3 Hands

Thank you Andrea and Adrianne!!


2010 AQHA Bay Filly
Midnight Exhibition
Midnight Overation, (Mo)

This is Midnight Exhibition's first foal on the ground.  She is everything we expected.  She is very large boned, deep in the girth and heavily muscled.  She will mature at around 16 hands and be a ranch/rope horse deluxe!!  She also is very curious and friendly.  She actually fell asleep on her first halter breaking lesson.  Her dam is DW Adelina Sonoita who is Jackie Bee/Peppy San Badger and Dick Sonoita bred. 



2010 AQHA Bay Filly
Tee J Iceman
Tee J Flash N Light (Maggie)

This pretty filly is out of Flash Barry, a granddaughter of Dash For Cash.  We mixed speed with cow and we should have a good one here.  She should be another good sized horse, with the kind temperament her sire consistently passes on.


* Top Ten Ranch Horse Bloodlines - per Western Horseman Magazine article October 2007

1.  Peppy San Badger*
2.  Doc Bar*
3.  Joe Hancock*
4.  Two Eyed Jack*
5.  Driftwood*
6.  Freckles Playboy*
7.  Blue Valentine*
8.  Playgun
9.  Jackie Bee*
10. Sun Frost
* We carry this bloodline in our breeding stock.


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